Friday, April 25, 2008



Like fractals,
like beautiful, out-growing, ever-branching fractals,
you unfurl before me -
two after two,
two after two after two,
two after two after two after two,
each two into two -
an ever-branching Tree of Choices.

You bewilder me!
You amaze me!

With your vastness,
with your branching of possibilities,
with your forking and forking and forking and forking.

You perplex me.
In a beautiful, enchanting way.
You seduce me,
to split and to split and to split and to split.
Each split in two splits.
An ever-splitting Self,
unrestrained when.

I integrate me,
While you fill my perception,
while you reach and reach and reach and reach,
my every sense,
I behold you
as one.
As a Tree of Choices;
as no more than a single, magical fractal of choices.

From within you,
from within the enchantments of your vastness of choices,
I choose.

Yes, I choose!
And so I hop
and grow
from branch
to branch
to branch
to an ever-branching branch.
Ever for.

-RA aka The Prophecy

Going with the flow of a supremely creative period I am experiencing, I have returned to a love of poetic writing, and music - I sing, and I compose music only in my head, because I can play hardly any instrument.

This poem is inspired by a multitude of conversations I am having with several persons... all about choices, and the ramifications of choices. Having observed a written comment about choices - yet again - suddenly stirred me. I wanted to write as the poem evolved in my head. I may edit it later, this is just a momentary inspiration I felt I must not let slip. Technique can come after. Magic of the moment first!

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  1. Beautiful :) You have captured the magic of the moment indeed through the eternal fractal, which is the mathematics of infinity and eternity :) I love it :)

    Ya Haqq!