Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In Between

In between
You and I
there is yet
a distance.

In that distance
live our stories;
and on the other side
Your eyes and a smile.

There are
when it seems
that the stories -
the broken histories and the futures -
are shards
that will bleed the feet
of those who dare tread upon them.

But on this side
is a heart of love
and on the other side
You and a smile.

by: RA
aka The Prophecy

Hmmm. I started writing this poem on a sudden inspiration on a camping trip over the weekend, when I was interrupted after the first line. I am sleepy right now, and this is what has flown out of my fingers. I think I initially wanted to "resolve" this distance in between - but this poem says to me, "Let me be, I am finished! I am finished on a smile!"

Well. I should get used to mystery again.



  1. Mashallah!

    Truly a beautiful and inspiring poem.

    "and on the other side
    Your eyes and a smile."
    - Rumi would love that line too.

  2. Really beautiful :) May you always be bathed in His smile :) Ameen.

    Ya Haqq!

  3. inspiring to the very last drop!