Sunday, November 16, 2008

Letting (Not) Go

This is the second half of a poem I wrote when I was 15 or so. One of my favorites. I forget the first part!


I miss you, and kiss you
in a dream, like a stream,
that flows, life goes
on 'n' on 'n' on 'n' on...

And so will it keep going
and I will remain entangled in my illusion
that it's you that I'm holding on to
and not your memories
and reminiscences of a lovely past

I am drowning silently into a soundless sea
and my mind creates blurred, beautiful images.
It hallucinates me.
While somewhere one the shore you stand;
While you, my life, and all the light fades away.

a poem partially recalled
by RA
aka The Prophecy

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