Saturday, November 01, 2008

Into the Unknown!

Yesterday, for the nth time, I realized my work with my family is finished. I must leave. Th reason might be ridiculous and inexplicable to some: I'm leaving home because I support Obama.

I am not walking away because of my microscopic story. I'm walking away because of what's happening to the world.

To me, it is clear that in the face of the glocal catastrophes, people are responding in two clearly different ways:

1. They get it
2. They don't get it

It is this second type of people which one wishes had seen the reality of affairs during the cruel October of 2008. 

But, as someone said, "Never underestimate the power of self-deception."

My problem right now is that this second type have not only been clinging to their old world of permanence & dominance, but that they will betray any effort of the former type very pro-actively.

And that, to me, is disagreeable.

I believe all humans are One. But two minds are not one. It's almost ironic to see the second type as a class of humans, so I'd say the solace is that the humans of that mindset can transcend it. The second type is a mental construct, but one that's gripping a great part of humanity. 

I believe it's their choice, and that no one can be 'helped' any longer.

To me, the universal support for Obama is for the simple fact that he "gets it." And so anyon else who gets it too supports him over his opposition. This is not the age of hero worship. But it's still a time where a man who speaks of "ushering in an era of responsibility" can be a guide to those still grappling with the concept or joining to co-create a new reality.

I want to co-create that reality, and it seems that right now, that requires me to rise above personal & familial relations for as long as I am being limited by those who don't get it.

I have left home in my mind, I have left home in my heart, and now, finally, I shall leave home with all that I am: Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit.

Into the Unknown!

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