Monday, November 17, 2008

Pirates? 21st century? What's going on?

Excuse me. What is this I see on my Gmail RSS feed? What's with this pirates & Somalia business? Weren't this pirate guys dead for good two centuries ago? What's going on on this planet? Where's Google Earth?

We should have a feature of striking such crazies right from our desktops using Google Earth. We spot the pirates in real time, and a satellite can zap them. Somehow.


I must sleep.


  1. Assalaamu Aliakum Sister,
    Oh don't be so pitiless to the poor and unnoticed, from what I hear these "pirates" as rouge as they are, are really in fact a fray of greenpeace. Has no one asked the question what on earth are all these vessels doing off the coast of Somalia and taking such a random route and really tight route to get to there destinations? What is there real reason for being on the Gulf of Aden, well supposedly the Somali coastline has become a toxic dump used by multinational to leave behind there filth on land that nobody notices and cares for. That is evil, and if it's true that these pirates are asking for these ransoms to clean up their waters then I applaud them. I doubt people even know that the longest beach in the world is in Somalia, but alas what do people know about the Land of Poets.
    Very interesting piece.

  2. Wa-alaikum Assalam Ayan:

    Why, thank you for the link and the story behind the story. I am curious and researching this further.

    Not to encourage any violence or militancy, but the case of toxic dumping is a great kind of terrorism: eco-terrorism.