Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Love Is Poetry

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For anyone whose soul is brushed in the slightest with the poetry of Rumi, love and poetry become inseparable after that beautiful accident. Or to say it another way, love becomes poetry.

One of my favorite words these days seems to be "lyrical." The idea of lyrics is closely tied with fluidity. Lyrics flow.

The state of fluidity is to have no blocks.

There are no blocks once there is no resistance.

No resistance is surrender.

Surrender is to allow life to be lyrical. To allow life to reveal its poetry.

But I was speaking of love - and poetry. In a state of surrender to the energy of Love, we feel its force, its ebb and flow, its rising and falling, much as we experience poetry. Love has its own rhythm.

And it is this rhythm which may explain the connection between poetry & love, and Rumi's words and a divine sense of love that is at once individual. Rhythm is the ebb and flow of energy. A rhythm that flows out of surrender has an energy that is out-flowing and abundant. It is an energy that gives. It is an energy that is the force of life. It is the kind of energy that you can see throbbing alive in a leaf, or the warmth of the one you love.

I feel at once in a state of surrender, and of love. And the beauty is, that this is love that is not demanding me to split between The Divine and the Human - it is the One and the Same. Indeed, is it not the beauty of Rumi's poetry? The universality?

Yet was it of Rumi that I meant to write?

No, I meant to write of just poetry, love, and I.

A few days ago, a poem occurred to me. It was inspired by human love, yet when I began to write, I addressed it at once to God and human. Is there a difference? No longer, for me. It cannot be, because if one speaks of love, and holds the concept in integrity, then there cannot be God and another who is somehow apart from God.

Let this not confuse minds. It means that once we surrender to God's Will, love flows out of it that bathes our Universe in its glory. After that, whoever we love is by the Will of God, and that makes our love no separate from God (Who we know through Hu's Will).

Have I made this complicated? I am interpreting the lyrics, which is not a fine practice. Love is poetry, and great poetry is a bit of mystery. Yet these are times of mysteries unraveling, thus we know all is One. If it were a mystery, we'd still see more of everything.

I am not making sense. My head is still full of poetry, intertwined with the oft-unmagical quality of this existence. But I love this unmagicness, for it allows me to transform it through love, and a bit of poetry.

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  1. Salaams The Prophecy

    Ma sha Allah! Beautiful post. Love as lyrical harmony - how utterly beautiful.

    Abdur Rahman

  2. i am glad i am following you.. cuz ur expressions are so beautiful and it helps me come back in here and revamp the vamp of trust and faith and that unconditional love which we sometimes lose track of.
    beautiful !!!