Saturday, November 29, 2008

Make Decisions.

Prophecy, before any scheme of your own design attempts to dwell on your mind again, you will be served well by this reminder.

Can you read what time is it on The Clock?

Don't bother to look. It's become irrelevant in the brief moment since the question was asked.

Don't look here nor look there. Nor even look within yourself into that vast un-ending multi-verse.

Stay put and quiet, and do as you are told. You are told everything by the signs of the Universe. The only requirement is your ability to hear and see, and then re-tell it in your words.

This is the eternal formula:

what comes to you > what you do to what comes to you > what you send forth

It is in this doing of yours to what comes to you that you have any choice, or "freedom." That it shall go forth from you is just as inevitable as it was inevitable that it comes to you.

It is in this doing of yours where your CODE is, and all your journey is only your enabling yourself to read your own code. Everything that you know about will, fortune, or morality is the very long story of this very short gap.

What you call "Time" is no more than your choice to act or not. Whatever gets in the way of you swiftly closely this gap in every situation is Time. This time takes many shapes: thought, worry, guilt, reversion, aversion, dwelling. It is all one and the same.

Remember, one is also aging as a human! Aging is not time. It's a process of progress of our soul. Cultures make it out to be a calamity to avoid. Indeed, it is only to give us a sense of progress, or we should have languished in inaction.

So now to revert to the purpose: Prophecy, this is my two word advice to you for this moment:
MAKE DECISIONS. As quickly, boldly, fearlessly, and fluidly as you can. Make decisions.

Decision define us, and the nature of this life is definition. Manifestation. Remember! That is your purpose of being: Manifestation! Letting things be! Indecision stands in the way of the remarkable flow of life. Let life be! It is a choice. It is not a reluctance or ignorance or forgetfulness. To choose is to have lives your life!

And since Rumi is active in your soul these days, here I quote what a friend quoted:
"Hu is a letter to everyone. You open it. It says, 'Live!!'"

Decide! And hence,

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