Sunday, November 21, 2004

Chakaas news

I have no idea what that word up there means, but lemme assume it's "tight" news. "Set" news. "Cool" news. If it means something terrible, let me know. I will dismiss your prudent advice and keep displaying it. Kya samjhay?!

So the news is: I am going to build my home office+creative studio. ~*Yay!*~

I always loved the idea of having a home office/ studio where I can do creative work. I do tons of work at home - for passion, play, or pay. I design things for love. Ever since I was 16, I wanted to transform this room upstairs in to a study+bedroom. It partly served that purpose with a minimal functional layout. Ah, but the romance of eccentric-colored walls and floor-to-ceiling shelves!

I had a crazy idea that I'd paint the floor in an African or Pakistani ethnic theme. The best I did, however, was to chalk the walls and... the rest is family history. (*My* moment of prudence!)

Location matters. Matters of location.
A few days back, I noticed this space in our "backyard" so to speak. We call it a "factory," which puzzles our visitors. It's this rather huge covered area that the previous owners used as a mini factory/ shopfloor for some kinda cottage industrial work. Ah, but they called it factory, and so it be!

It is "L" shaped with a thick L-base. I am going to use the base as my base camp! The walls will be covered in YELLOW and PURPLE to begin with. There is a weird wooden table there which will serve as the best office furniture ever. On Sundays and in evenings, I can chill there while pondering the solution to such problmes as: "Who is Ramla?", "Where did I come from?", and "Where is my cheese?"

Nahhhhh. Just kidding. I will get my work done. (*Yeah!*) More news on "the work" later.

I have more plans. But not now!! I am off to clear off the space for now. Wish me luck!


  1. Chakaas is a group of hermaphrodites in india...a lot of "disfigured" children are given away to this group of the Chakaas go to peoples homes to snatch them away. They also are famous for hosting parties because they have extraordinary singing abilities where they can change their voices from sounding male to female or even like children.

  2. You are talking about Chak-kaas and she is talking about an adjective Cha-kaas ....