Monday, November 29, 2004

Money money money money, money!

After a long-ranging love-affair with American Idol, I have found a new interest: The Apprentice. The show rocks.

I love the way Trump cuts the crap out. He demands clear thinking and hard decisions.

We get the show season-delayed here, so we're still on Season 1, week 10 here. I started watching through week 6 when the sweet Jessie Conners got fired. Her fault? Trump hated the way she was treated, but he thought the worse was the way she took it. From the website:
Jessie just let Omarosa ride roughshod over her. And, in the words of The Donald, took too much "crap." And for Donald Trump, not standing up for yourself is an even greater sin than being unprofessional. As Jessie began to plead for her spot, Donald fired her.

I was shocked to observe this. That learning came at a certain time when I was evaluating my own response to a particularly testing situation. I realized, worse than the tyranny of the situation was the way I took it. The Apprentice has become my favorite show since.

It's now Season 2, and The Apprentice has returned with more lessons for the aspirant business bunnies. I can't wait till I see the season 2 live in our part of the world!

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