Monday, November 29, 2004

Let's talk!

Had an unscripted discussion with the host of program "Alif," Aneeq Ahmed, today. We started on a random note. I decided to ask him a lot of questions so I could learn more about him.

Aneeq Ahmed, host of 'Alif' (Geo TV) The conversation turned to religion, then steered off to conflict. This should be no surprise. I have a bit of a selfish interest in talking about theories of conflict. I have taken a particular interest in studying about the sources of conflict, conflict resolution, and conflict prevalence. I.e. why on earth does conflict still exist when we all know what creates it and how to resolve it. Are all humans some kind of pre-determined idiots hurling themselves towards disaster as a whole? If yes, I would enjoy being a bystanding philosopher and observing the fateful trajectory of this flight.

*Shrinking shoulders* Oops, I just said it!

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