Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Fishing the old books' market for tomes on art, I found four volumes from a series on great artists. Among other things, my take-away from those books that examined the master works for art students, was the study of perspective.

I have been fascinated with the idea for years since. I am a very amateur photographer at best, but I have turned ordinary pictures into the more fun-tastic images that inspire friends by using perspective.

The results have been beautiful, though perhaps not always technique-perfect. The pictures, which are most often portraits of people in natural surroundings, often get a depth of meaning as well as visual. Mostly the pictures thus taken are forlorn, ruminative, a bit saddening in a happy way.

'Getting a Perspective' |©| Photo by Ramla A.
I directed some of my bachelors graduation photography, and Umair produced wonderful results. I looked tall and graceful in the picture, towering like any proud graduate. And of course, the picture had a nostalgic value no less thanks to the addition of perspective. Given here is one of my attempts as getting a perspective. I must have a private laugh as I got more perspective eventually than I asked for.

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