Monday, November 29, 2004

Points of View

I put several theories to Aneeq, and we explored a few ideas. The theories were:

1/ There is no such thing as a "conflict."
1b/ There is no such thing as a conflict in the "real world." But if at least one of the parties is in a "false world," there will be unresolvable conflict.
1c/ There is no such thing in the real world as unresolvable conflict.
1d/ What the hell is the real world?!!

2/ There is no conflict between the Hindu theory of Oneness with God, and the Islamic belief.
2b/ Oneness with God is also a Sufi concept.

3/ There is no conflict between the agnostic theory, "that which is unknown is labelled God" and the teachings of Islam!

3b/ The known is the territory that man has reclaimed from God. Aneeq wondered at this point why God was declared dead? It is so that whenever man feels that there is no more to be known, he may declare God to be dead? I agreed. Interestingly, in the new world today, the proportion of the unknown/ the uncontrollable & uncontrolled/ the beyond/ the chaotic has dramatically risen with respect to the known/ the controllable & controlled/ the within/ the orderly. I wonder if this is the reason why people are increasingly turning back to systems of faith?

4/ Existentialism is philosophically close to Islam. It is also the essence of Sufi tradition. Aneeq thought that Sufism was contrary to Islam. I said "Sufi-ism" is, since there is no "-ism" in Islam. However, the Sufi tradition is what our (the average Urdu-literate Pakistani's) literature and general life learning is based on.
4b/ Sufi-ism is an oxymoron! And it's fairly moronic to label a self-effacing philosophy such as that of the Sufis, as an -ism. I think the very essence of the Sufi way is to tear off labels and prescriptions. It's about taking layers of status and personality and symbols off to reach one's real bare-skin self, which is part of the greater whole.

5/ Conflicting statements and stands can be resolved by adding in the missing link statement. This is the method we used in our discussion to resolve the conflict of statements 1-1c.

Near the end of our discussion, we relaxed into a discussion about language. And why one must learn to express themselves. I pointed out that using inaccurate language can give a false perception of our mind and personality. And then I said something I was able to word only last night: "Language is the map of the territory of mind."

We only agreed, and then parted to assemble and discuss again.

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