Sunday, November 21, 2004

Of the heart, by the heart - 3: Cheese, Removed.

You can't cheat a labyrinth.

Oh but a wicked labyrinth can cheat you as many times as it wishes. Especially a labyrinth like life. The funniest thing it does is to move your cheese. Have you read Spencer Johnson's "Who Moved My Cheese?"?

It's a pretty straightforward tale about a pair of mice, and a pair of humans running around in a labyrinth. They find deposits of cheese, consume them, and one day the cheese is finished. It's gone. The humans despair, whereas the mice (actually just one of them - the positive, practical one) simply scurry off looking for cheese in a new location. Moral of the story: be the practical mouse. When your cheese is gone/ removed/ finished, RUNNNN to a new location. Find another piece of cheese!

I tried to trick the labyrinth of life. Actually, it was a bad move even if I won. You know, how sometimes you can just keep taking the wrong turns thinking you're finally there, and end up in a massive dead-end: of the game, and worse, of the spirit. Thanks to the Designer, the game accidentally reloaded. My cheese was moved. I have to run like a the practical, hard-nosed rat to find my cheese.

It's ironic, but a "rat race" is sometimes the best way to spend time in the maze of life!

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