Sunday, November 14, 2004

Orange hot henna hands

I have a great interest in patterns, and languages, and symbolism. I was successful in decoding most of Da Vinci's Code, with all its religious symbolism and codes. Some of it elementary.

What message, however, does the palm of my left hand have? Hmmm. I finally put on henna. And there's a flower here, a chakra there, a mandala over an arc - all underscored by a spider's web like thing. It's not a design, it's a thing. Thingie. It can well pass for a cryptic map of Africa.

But my hand look lovely in a quaint way. It all goes well with the white dress. More and more, I am pulling ideas of an antique age. This is where my inspiration belongs to.

It's a shocking hot orange, this henna. I love it.

Current Music: Wall's jingle. I broke my headset, finally. A Sagittarian is a catastrophe.
Current Mood: Sleepy Eid-like.

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