Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Things I love about myself - Part 1

In no certain order, I am going to tell you why I love me. And what gives me the ticket to pass off as a reasonably goodie girl in the world. Nah, it's not an ego trip. It's just a cutsie blog thing-to-do.

1. I am alive!!! And *~#*lively.*#~*

I love to live! Simple as that. I enjoy the days and nights. I love to tune into sounds, the music of the world. The buzzing of bees; the noise of traffic; the monotonic humdrum of everyday life. Colors and laughter make me happy. When I see people running or run myself, my heart beats wildly.

I cry. I feel pain. Stupid things hurt me, and silly things make me happy. The bad and the ugly make me angry or frustrated or depressed. But I do not tolerate them. I hate and love with a raw intensity.

I do not sit down or accept others to stale away their life. I can excite others to live and to enjoy with my words and actions. I can stir the hearts of men and women and the youth and the old to live!

I note small changes. I am distracted by invisible things. When the order of things changes, I know it.
I smell moods. And see sound.
Spring, summer, autumn, and winter - all are seasons I enjoy. I am awed by the beauty of all terrains: the mysterious vastness of deserts; the majestic quiet of the mountains; the magnificent spans of the forests.

I have seen many beautiful things in this world. There is a robin that visits our tiny garden every morning. His throat stirs a musical chord. I've heard that birds praise the Lord...
So do I, for this beautiful life.

*~*I am a connoisseur of life!*~*

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