Wednesday, June 11, 2008



My heart is in that state of no state... where I am between hope and fear in alternating moments. Sometimes, I want to cry; sometimes, I feel Beauty swirling about me. And then again, I want to cry. Just lie down on grass, look up at the sky, and cry until my heart comes to rest and I sleep.

I have been doing this very often lately - I don't care what the world thinks or how it spins. I just understand my own state of being - that is all there is to my life.

Well. So. The heart of the matter is that I want to cry all the time, and this is why one has a blog. To express their strangest thought of the oddest moment.

I don't know what is going to happen, Prophecy - but then again, this is all as I had known it to be. I just didn't know that time would come so soon and so truly overwhelmingly! The times that had been in my imagination since childhood...

Oh well, they arrive! I am not sure that I am ready - but then am I crazy? Who is ever ready for something that unfurls and unfolds on its own? One just goes with the flow.

I am gripped by an intense uncertainty. This, they say, is a blessed state. Hmm....

I just know that something momentous will happen. It might even happen without anyone noticing what's really going on... we become increasingly desensitized to heightened alerts to our senses... losing all meaning. The blind and the seeing are not equal; and only the seeing shall see. So, something will happen.... I am not sure what will it be.... but while I know its nature would be cataclysmic, I also know what and who will be saved, and why.

I assure you, there is an opening. Know it, keep it in sight, and when the right moment arrives - take it.


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  1. Death: Are you ready?
    Antonius: My body is ready, but I am not.

    It might not be what you are thinking but it certainly is what came into my mind after reading your post.