Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Search

So Prophecy,

Everyone searches for what is popularly known as a "soul mate." There are two realities to this Truth:

First Reality: The one we are searching for is none other but our Self.
The quality we intuitively search for - well, how do we even become aware of this quality?
We become aware of it because it exists within us as our own true highest potential.
So it is amusing how many of us go about demanding from the Universe what indeed is what we ought to bring out from within.
With a grown consciousness, we may become aware that what we require of our world is actually what our world requires of us.

So my search for courage has ultimately led me within. It had told me that for seeing courage in the world, I must display it. As I did what I was younger and more intuitive. To have felt this courage re-awakened with is to have experienced a great liberation!

Second Reality: And then, indeed, we may be able to find another like our Self.
It is a matter of this world, isn't it? We look for someone who completes or complements us.
I have been advised that I need a "rational" man in my life.

I do not seek rationality! I seek what the world would define as irrational: to complement a soul like mine, I seek a man of courage.
A man of irreverence for glorified structures and systems; a man who does not just have an opinion, but the courage to manifest his belief. A man who can take death's blow on the chest. That is the sort of man I seek - not a rational, self-protecting shadow of a person.

I seek someone who is no longer deluded by duality. Who does not see poor and rich; evil and good; far and close; separation and unity; love and hate - who, in Rumi's words, I can meet in the field beyond the fields of right and wrong.

My beliefs are ancient in many ways. I believe in some fundamental values that make men, men and women, women and make humans, humans. Courage is for all humans - it manifests differently in men and women, of course.

I am just fascinated with the idea of a man who can lift his arm to weild the metaphorical sword: who can fight, with bravery and with fearlessness, for what he believes in. Who has absolute equanimity under adversity. And who does not desert his ground like a coward.

Above all, I detest cowardice in any person.
Cowardice is different from not showing one's full potential of courage, as having courage is the culmination of a process of maturation.

So when I seek courage, within or without, I seek a maturation, without which courage is not possible.

The Highest Concern
My teacher teaches that courage is the highest human concern - and yet it is not a matter of age.
I believe this, for I understood courage better as a child than as an adult who grew into a world of compromises and where all looked to each other for setting the rules, ignoring the Principles of Being.

I think human societies have been raising children to be cowards for too long - especially men, who grow up with a sense of entitlement. In the face of reality which eventually arrives in all lives then, this weakness begins to reveal itself in the form of a search of happiness, of security, of avoidance of pain, of a permanency.

Such people can never take courageous decisions, can never walk alone.

I walk alone, Prophecy, I have always walked alone. And on my journey, whoever comes to walk with me has to have the courage to walk alone and on their own feet also.
I seek this strength in my close relations, in my friends. And to a greater degree - to an absolutely fascinating-me degree - I seek that also in a man.

Beyond the mystical veil before which we believe there is no soul mate, I believe there is such a thing. If it is indeed intended for us to have a match in this world, I believe that in every moment, there is a soul in the world that completely relates to our own. I seek that soul with belief.

So there. I have made an intent. I have blown a wish into the wide chasm of the Universe.
So be it.


  1. A tall order . Demanding too !

    If someone can walk alone , why soulmate ?

    Is it not duality ?

    Walk alone , for then Universe walks with you .

    One needs to see the difference between rich and the poor so that
    the differences can be rectified .

    Rose tinted glasses shield reality .