Sunday, June 15, 2008

Watching, patiently.

So Prophecy,

It's time for a recap of the recent situation.
Oops! I don't exactly feel like reviewing now! So. Just a summary.

Thank you for being patient. With yourself, and with your world around you.
If you ask, I have *no clue* on what is happening and what is going to happen.
Then again, I have a dream, a sense, and an intent.
So far, the Universe has unfolded not so unfavorably.
You see - didn't you? - that patience held the process together. Our unkindness destroys us before we are made. It is vital for someone aspiring to be a human of knowledge to learn the virtue of waiting, and watching.

Watching! Ah, watching!
What is meant by watching?
The blind and the seeing are not equal, nor is the watching by the two.

You watch, and then you become aware, you become sensitive to your world, your being.
If not, then you are not watching at all - you perhaps have a sensory optical mechanism at work, but no translation of the stimuli is happening.
That, my dear Prophecy, is the difference between the blind and the seeing.
(Some fools think that to be "blind" means to have faulty eyes that cannot pick up visual stimuli. Each person's definition of a concept shows their own level of awareness. You can tell a person's knowledge by their definitions.)

So see the process,
but also, then,
do what is due.

Patience is admirable. But also remember to take action where action is required, where it is appropriate.
This is the world of yin and the yang: the potential and the kinetic energy.
When you are patient, you energy is in the potential phase. When you have watched, and it is the moment for you to act, the energy transforms into the kinetic.
Either way, it is energy.
Patience is a great energy. Use it wisely.

Believe in the slow work of God.


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