Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Heart of Courage?

So: courage, courage!

Uff! This word has troubled me so much lately - so I am going to pass on my trouble into the big, vast voids of the Universe!
So my wish can Be!

Above all, Prophecy, I have sought courage in my life.
In my own actions, and in those of others. It very often led to judgments from the world; but also a quiet support - for which I am thankful.
Yet courage requires no expectations, and such friendliness with death that we are ready to stand by our belief even if we are the only one believing, and the whole world - the whole, vast, entire world - is turned against us! That we may face the death of our being if we persist.

Which heart shows courage when nothing seems to be going "right?" When there is no instant gratification in the pursuit of one's belief?
That heart is the true courageous heart; this is the heart I wish to have.

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