Monday, June 23, 2008

No-thing Happening

Dear HU,

Your love has made me good-for-nothing-else. I constantly think of You, and You have taken out of my mind and heart - You have wrenched apart from my life, torn away from my heart - anything or anyone that occupied them, because I perceived them as else, and not part of Your Design.

That perception is my flaw. But I am not writing to speak of my flaw, rather of my love, which is inevitable.

They will not understand my condition and keep presenting me with worldly affairs. Some of them know that this is not where my heart lies, but they keep persisting. Is this the last temptation You are judging my firmness with? Are there yet more to come?

Because You can carry on; I am satisfied enough in You to say that I am not distracted from You but for small moments. And then I turn back to You.

And I keep this condition capsuled within my heart as I must carry on in the world as if no-thing is happening.