Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Die Before You Die


It's amazing, isn't it, that the advice we give to another could perhaps be something we need ourselves? And so you shared your words of inspired wisdom with another, who seems wiser than you - because he would take the advice. I think he is lucky.

Do you take advice when it's given to you - wholly, fully, completely, without looking back?

Can you think of another person who needs to show more courage in their life?

It is always the case. The one we are "looking for" is us. That may indeed be a law of the Spirit you are yet unfamiliar with, but with experience, this seems to be the emerging case.

Have courage - do not seek it in the actions of others. Don't put your heart in trouble to which it does not belong. Take a decision - take it with strength - take it with conviction. Be sure in your heart there is no expediency. Ask your Lord's permission, take a deep breath, and then do what needs to be done. In every decision that is appearing to you and that needs your attention. From the smallest to the greatest.

Do not think your death will come in many, many years - decide to die, now!

Die before your death, do not linger in the world that is no more. Do not split your soul in many. To die before your death is to die in every moment - which, of course, is to be born afresh and anew in the NOW moment.

Few have that courage, because not all are meant to taste the liberation that awaits on the other side of the hell of waiting.

Your physical life will not come again and again - that is, not that you know of!

So die as soon as each moment dies, and be born as soon as each moment is born. That will enrich your life with a taste so great!

May Allah be with you. Aameen!


  1. that just changed my whole perception of how I approach things specifically problems...

    hmm...great post...

  2. The dragon of Problem is slaughtered with the sword of Decision.

    Thank you, Umar!