Sunday, June 15, 2008



Where do I begin? Lately, the subject of courage has occupied my life with such force and presence, I can think of little else.
Courage, courage!

Hmm. It at once awakens memories and feelings. But the stories of all lives are long, so I shall not tell mine for now. In this moment, all I know is how dearly I needed to have courage in my life, again.

For some time, I have felt this void in my life.
And I have felt a sense of disliking for who I was, and what my life had become.
This disengagement from my self and my world was becoming a painful void. It possessed my energy.

Until, after many years, the virtue of courage came alive in my life again. And now I feel the difference.
I have always believed.
I have lived and loved my life.
I believe life is in itself a gift - a beautiful, precious thing.

To live life, a human need certain principles, virtues - whatever name people choose to give to these.
Courage is the highest human virtue.
It makes us take decisions.
Decisions are what take life forward, and life only grows from within a circle to the outside.... like a ripple.
That is a healthy life, a growing life; a life, which, indeed is qualified to be called Life.

Life is the act of waking up, of growing outwards, of multiplying.
Decisions from amongst choices - those vast, fractal choices - make this growth possible.

I think I was showing the courage I felt within; or perhaps, it was being directed in sustaining me, in sustaining my life when it completely ebbed.


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