Monday, June 16, 2008

I Walk Alone: The Next Journey

Now fools don't understand the meaning of walking alone. They think it means someone is traveling solo, with no one in sight.

Wasn't it ninth grade or earlier when the literary difference between "alone" and "lonely" was clarified? Or must I hyper-link the hyphenated words to their dictionary definitions - which could be inadequate for dictionaries are written by humans.

Anyhow, why am I so miffed at people I cannot even see? It's very foolish also to talk of "people, people." Most of the times, the word "people" refers to our projections of our own devils and angels.

Two more words hardly understood - but that's not what I am writing about.

I am writing about the determination that come heaven or hell, I am taking the journey that is so clear in my vision: a journey of seeking, of exploration, wonder, curiosity.
I am going to explore knowledge from wherever it comes.
I am going to experience nature.
I am going to read fascinatingly liberating literature... the type that does not trap the mind in intellectual discourse, but frees the human soul to fly!

I won't say anymore. I just realized I made this declaration earlier, but never published it for I was then not sure. Months later, that is exactly the track my life has taken. Our intent does not go to waste, eh? It grows on its own.

Later this year, I am joining whatever caravan inspires me.
I am going to take as my fellow traveler whoever strikes me as a courageous soul.
I wish to be surrounded by Friends, Lovers, Seekers.

...Not mine, you fool!


  1. So polite , so very courageous .....

    Thank you ,


  2. I thought the word "fool" does not appear in the conversations of Hu's friends....

  3. All things appear in the conversations!

    "Fool" is a term of endearment. You will find it aplenty in this blog.