Friday, June 06, 2008

Seeking My Attention

Oh World!

I have felt so tired and weary of you today. And I pride myself on being a seer of Beauty.

Yes I know! The heart of the believer is in Hu's hands, and Hu turns it whichever way Hu wishes.

So my heart keeps turning.

Yes, what a trick to attract the attention of the careless, me! It is not uncharacteristic for one who feels ignored of our attention to start teasing us, to pretend disinterest in our presence, to act as if they care for all but for us.

I have seen it in humans, and sometimes I am puzzled - why am I the ONLY one not being included? Only to realize, "Ah! I am then the only one whose attention is sought!" I see it in eyes that seek my (dis)approval. I have seen this before.

So. What a manner my attention has been sought in! I am tired in every sense of the word - in every manner - in every which way... and yet I perceive Beauty.

... And what do I perceive now?

A collapse of Time. The spreading of the Now moment so far and wide, that there is no room left for the past or the future.
Many will perceive this as an illness, as an ailment and a handicap. They will not survive. Those who understand the subtlety of this shift will know that the only possible moment to live in is NOW.

Oh dear Prophecy! Now I have seen a few more things! Now I have seen beauty even in the breaking and hurting of my every single fiber.

Forget Hu not!



  1. Subhanallah...
    Who are you?
    How is it that the wind has carried me to you...
    May Allah increase your wisdom and eloquence.
    Assalaamu Aliakum dear friend.

  2. :)
    How is it that the wind carried you here? It is Allah Who brings hearts together.

    Thank you for coming by!