Monday, June 16, 2008

New Chapter in My Book

I know that somehow, I am writing a book. And with the evolution of this book, with all my choices of The Word, my life is evolving too.
Hadn't I rendered my Universe completely anew when I decided to play on the name of a book in jest, and said the words: "Heal, Stray, Love"?
I think the Universe had changed itself then, because it was listening very keenly.

Isn't this what SE had said?

We create the universe we live in, daily. The real work of being alive is to discover how we write the code.

So many people have told me that I must write, and asked me if I will?
Yes, I am writing, I just don't now for the life of me, all puns intended, what is this book going to be!

Oh, well, I do know, but I didn't know what form each chapter will take. It is a living book!

Today, I added a new chapter to the book of my life. I made an intent; which is going to be the chapter where the story turns. I know; I just know.

It's a little bold of me to do so near-publicly, but my sense of reckless play with the Universe is heightened. I see the world in my fingers, and I play. I fear so little, perhaps nothing at all.

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  1. Ponder and give your honest answer.
    'Suppose you have all the people of world having same believe and faith like you do it's bring peace on this earth?